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July 27th, 2009 at 11:30 pm

At least they're new to me...

New position: I started my new job even though I'm in the same building and under the same local boss...I just happen to also have a supervisor that is in another state now. Interesting.

New money: I got a raise! And I feel happy that the tasks of my new job are similar to what I was already doing so I don't have to stress over the learning curve. The plan is to put more into my 401K.

New desk at work: Getting a new desk area (we're in cubicles) creates a need to purge and organize. I'm AMAZED (!) at all the stuff I've accumulated over the years of working at this job. I've been cleaning and organizing at home, too.

New dress: I found a dress at the thrift store for 7.99. It's one of those knit jersy wrap dresses that you can ball up and shake it out and wear it to work without ironing it. I LOVE IT!!

New attitude: The kid has been reading some of the books I've been checking out the library. One was a book on aptitudes and gifts. After reading it and taking the test, he decided to change his major from computer science (which it turned out he doesn't really like--he chose that major because it was business-like, practical and seemed to please other people--like me, my parents, his instructors, his friends). His new major will be English/Communication Arts (Media). I'm supportive and feel like he's making a good decision after reading his test results. This college thing has already been an intersting ride. I'll keep you posted.

New stock market level: Both my 401K/TSP and my IRA are increasing in value. At least a little... yay...

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