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Catching up - May 2013

May 21st, 2013 at 01:43 am

Can't believe it's been since February since I've posted. My job burnout is really SERIOUS. I'm squeezing in a few updates so I can hang out with my saving advice friends.

I'm now 50 (birthday was several months ago) and retirement is closer and closer...

I've been really delving DEEP into arts and crafts and writing lately and realize this is what I long to do--my whole goal of retiring now is to support my 'creative artist' within. I only hope to do so with little money worries and maybe a part-time job. That's my dream!!

So here's what's up with me:

Still having a time with fatigue and low energy, but coping in every way I know how.

Still on auto-pilot when it comes to saving. I just increased my retirement contribution by 1% of my pay, just to see...a total of 16% of income going to retirement....

As a civil service employee, we're looking at being furloughed a few days this year. One day a week without pay for about 3 months, unless that changes. I've already reworked my budget on paper to accommodate by lowering the grocery bill (buying less snack foods and meats) and lowering a few savings allotments. Due to my exhaustion, I'm actually looking forward to one day off a week--even without pay.

Last week, we purchased a used 2010 Toyota Corolla to replace the spouse's 2001 Corolla (it had 298,000 miles on it). So I can scratch that off the list. The dealer was right around the corner from us, which meant I did NOT have to go car shopping (hate car shopping). My spouse did the test drive to make sure it accommodated his handicap and he did all the talking. I just got the check. $11,871.39 (to be exact!) which included tax, title, and license. I considered that a good deal and was grateful not to have to go around town looking.

Now I need to build the wealth account back up -- we're at $22,700 approx after the withdrawal for the car (my base amount is $25,000) and I hope to purchase a used car for me in about 3 years and still have $25,000 remaining in that account. (Takes 3 years to save it and 2 days to spend it.)

I'm still working the finances all alone, without much support or interest from the spouse, but I'm making progress. I felt like a 'sugar mama' after the car purchase, but trying not to hold that against him. Who knew? I'm just glad I have you saving advice friends to inspire me and keep me going!

Happy saving everyone!