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Happy New Year!

January 2nd, 2013 at 12:15 am

Happy New Year!!

I fell off the wagon in 2012, namely in keeping up with my blog. What the heck!

Been busy and tired and family has had health issues, but will strive for more consistency. I've let the budget slide all over the place toward the end of 2012 and felt unorganized and frazzled for months. I took the day (Happy New Year to me!) to get my finances organized with an updated tracking spreadsheet for my budget, a re-purposed filebox for bills and other folders and just general cleanup.

I updated my side bar with year-end numbers for 2012. I made some progress when compared to my year-end numbers from 2011, but would like to see more. I'm looking to retire from my current job when I become eligible in 6 years and take on a new career as well as write more. I'm suffering from major job burnout and stress at my current job and need a change, but I am not financially ready. I hope to do better (and make it) through the next 6 years.

My year-end numbers from Dec 2011 are below for comparison to my sidebar 2012 numbers --

As of Dec 2011 --
Mortgage: $53,673 remaining
No credit card debt(Hallelujah!!)
Retirement: $29,807 IRA (trad'l)
Retirement: $117,652, 401K
Retirement: $1,633, Roth IRA
Wealth acct: $26,525
Freedom acct: $3,576
Christmas acct: $9
House repair acct: $316
Grandkids acct: $425
The Kid (future gift/out-on-his own acct): $?
Education: $7,588 (savings bonds & savings acct)
(son has dropped out of college and doesn't seem to have plans to go back. Will use this money for my own wealth building or for my own education)

Like I said, I've made some progress, but really want to step it up. (Don't I say that every year???) My family has had a lot of health and dental issues that cost a fortune (why didn't I become a DENTIST? My dentist bills are outrageous!), but I'm still keeping the faith that I'll make good headway toward my goals.

Still love reading the blogs here. They inspire me.
I have failed when it comes to getting on-line consistently and updating my blog (namely because of my job exhaustion), but will strive to do better.

Happy Saving everyone!!