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Checking In...

February 20th, 2009 at 12:41 am

It's been a few days and I'm just checking in to gather up some energy and motivation. I'm tired and it seems like I have a super long to-do list, but we'll keep pressing on. Most of the time I want to ignore it...

Had the budget talk with the spouse. He tried to seem interested, but didn't have anything to add as far as goals and how he sees our financial future. He's very unaware of the cost of things and our bills and he's neither a detail person nor a big picture guy (so where does that leave him?). I might revisit in a few weeks. He's perfectly happy not dealing with any of the finances at ALL. But what happens if something happens to me? For now, I'm pressing on with status quo.

I've changed the way I track my spending so I'm still adjusting to new habits. I hope to have numbers together this weekend.

Figured out my taxes and I'm getting back WAY too much money. Not that I'm complaining, because I've already figured out what to do with it!! But I'm used to a $400 to $900 dollar return. (Except that one year where I had to PAY $700! I'm still traumatized by that!) This year it looks like the refund will be a couple of thousand (!!)--I grossly miscalculated my withholding. I thought with my lowered contribution to my 401K that I would have more taxable income and owe more tax, so I changed my withholding. (I reduced my 401k contribution to help with the kid's college.) I was a little bit off... I'll have to readjust for 2009.

Work is about the same. Work. Payday this week. Yahoo!

Family Stuff

February 3rd, 2009 at 12:37 am

First matter: I plan to discuss the household budget with my spouse this week. (This should put him to sleep by 8 pm!) As previously noted, I get really upset that my spouse is bored by all things financial and that he and I are not on the same page when it comes to financial goals. But things could be worse. He's not a heavy spender, so I don't REALLY have to worry about that. But he is a heavy GIVER to his family (6 siblings, 23 young adult nieces and nephews) and his adult children from his previous marriage. (I'm not sure what he tells his family members, but they seem to think I'm rich. They've never asked me for money directly, but they hint a lot...)

Anyway, while I don't have to worry TOO much about the spouse over-spending, it would be nice to have a partnership in this area. I'll just keep at the financial goals like I've been doing. I'll work with what I've got and try not to rant and whine too much about you know who...

Matter number 2: The kid calls from college fairly often. He's still without a car and has made some unwise finanical decisions lately. I've stood my ground fairly well. (My spouse, however, might be sneaking him additional funds.)

The kid called today to remind me his birthday's coming up. (Like, I, his birth mother, would not know this.) I think he intended to ask for something ridiculous like a new car or an extravagant cell phone, but he didn't get around to asking. I took the opportunity to let him know that he'll be 20 years old on this birthday and that the days of Mr Gatti's Playland parties and extravagant gifts are over. That kid has wasted so much of my money over the past years, it's got to stop. I think food, shelter, college tuition, some spending money, and the car he totaled is plenty!!

Anyway, I figure this is as good a time as any to continue with having the kid develop more finanical responsiblity. I have another 6 weeks before birthday time and pray that I stay strong and silent about it. I want to do something nice and thoughtful for the kid, but nothing that goes financially overboard the way I've done in the past. I can no longer be his personal bail-out plan. Having said that, think good thoughts that I continue to show progress in this area! It's harder than it looks...