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April Thoughts

April 30th, 2012 at 11:32 pm

Last day of April and I just made the cut-off for my intention to update my blog each month -- too busy for words, but still striving to save.

Got the income tax return back. Also, I re-arranged my savings allotments when I changed my tax withholding. My intention is to make deposits to my Roth IRA this year Not sure how this change in withholding will play out for income tax season next year, but we'll see. I can always change it again.

Anyhow, decided to put $500 in Christmas shopping account, $400 toward my Roth IRA and $300 toward my mortgage. The rest I'm still deciding how to split between my wealth account, freedom account and spending. (We need a new lawn mower!) We'll see.

Tweaking the budget a bit. Still using cash envelopes, since it has worked so well for the past few years. I've been shopping less than normal the past 2 months -- mostly due to fatigue. Thus I have more money left in my purse at the end of the month. Who would have thought there would be a payoff for exhaustion?

Happy saving everyone!! Stay encouraged!