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Year End Comparison 2012 to 2013

December 30th, 2013 at 12:08 am

It's the end of the year. Almost 2014! Woo hoo!! I updated my sidebar for my balances for 2013.

For comparison purposes, my numbers as of Dec 2012 are below:

Mortgage: $49,412 remaining
No credit card debt
Retirement: $37,859 IRA (traditional)
Retirement $136,903, 401K
Retirement: $2,363, Roth IRA
Wealth acct: $31,663
Freedom acct: $3,543
Christmas acct: $69
House repair acct: $1,131
Grandkids acct: $425
Education: $8,350 (savings bonds & savings acct)

Made progress in some areas. Looking to improve. I love this time of year, like a reset button for me to focus again.

2013 Goals met:
(x) Christmas account: $500 (spent $425, put $75 in the account to start for 2014)
(x) Used car purchase: $11,871
(x) Pay extra toward mortgage: paid $1,050
(x) Add to Roth IRA (converted traditional funds)

For Christmas,I made gift baskets for my spouse and son this year (socks, gift cards/money, snacks, gloves, books) and gift 'backpacks' for the 3 grandchildren that live in town (comic books, art and school supplies, notebooks, gloves, snacks, dollar store toys). I was in a 'bah humbug' mood otherwise (due to general fatigue) and didn't spend much else. I never was a great gift-buyer/giver and I'm more practical as I get older. The time is up for me wasting my money on gifts that no one really likes... Turns out that saved me a lot of time this year. Now if I can just get past the 'bah humbug' part...

Anyhoo, looking forward to the new year and new ideas.
My goal is to blog every month (every week would be ideal, but it's become harder with the fatigue).

Unfortunately, my family is still not with me on this saving path, so staying connected with my saving advice friends is key. I continue to be inspired by the blogs and articles!!

Happy New Year and Happy Saving everyone!