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Happy New Year!!

January 2nd, 2020 at 02:45 am

2020 is here! A new year and a new life for me now that I'm retired. I'm excited but cautious, working out my goals and priorities and also trying to rest and recover still. Managing my money is still a way of life, so I still plan to be diligent -- even more so, now that I have less income and fewer obligations. Plus I have the time to rethink my budget and tracking. Hoping to simplify my system and my spreadsheets.

Last year's balances as of Dec 2018 (to compare to updated sidebar):

As of Dec 2018 --
Mortgage: paid off
No credit card debt
Retirement: $40,137 IRA (trad'l)
Retirement: $315,565, 401K
Retirement: $8,797 Roth IRA
Wealth acct: $72,148
Freedom acct: $4,980
Christmas acct: $150
House repair/property tax: $1,000
Savings bonds: $5,700

2019 Goals met:
(X) Christmas account: $500
(X) Siding for house: $17,000 paid
( ) Window replacement -- decided not to because of expense
(X) Retirement (what?!!)

A new year is reboot time for me, so here we go! Happy saving everyone!!