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Budget Woes

November 18th, 2009 at 12:50 am

My budget has been wacky.

Culprit number 1 is the house. We've replaced a refrigerator, a washing machine, repaired the furnace ($390) and we continued a pest control contract (which I'd planned on ending). I neglected to include that quarterly contract cost of $120 in the budget so all that has been throwing me off.

Culprit number 2 is the kid. How big is that child's stomach?? (Pest control doesn't cover him.)

Culprit number 3 is the dental work. I believe I'm in the wrong profession -- how rich would I be if I were a dentist! My dentist currently holds about 20% of my humble current wealth account balance (total dental expenses this year about $3,000 for services rendered. Last year about the same). I feel like I need to marry him. He's not that cute, but I'd be $6,000 richer...

This is not to say I'm not grateful for having the money to take care of all these things, because I'm definitely grateful. There was a time when it was a lot harder than this...

But I'm pressing toward doing better and better every year. That's my focus.

I really need to look at my house-care account. I have a separate savings account for household appliances, household repairs and furniture. I stopped the deposits once the balance got up to $1000, thinking that we'd buy a new kitchen table and chairs and get our shower fixed. Needless to say the old kitchen table is still rocking (literally). And the shower still has a 'flow' problem. Within the past few months we've used over $900 on the appliances and repairs mentioned above and now have only $100 in this extra account. Again I'm grateful, but I definitely need to re-focus.

My freedom account has taken a few hits, too, most of which were planned for and expected (but not all), and we still have some leeway. But I'm going to have it take a couple of aspirins and call me in the morning with a new plan.

To add to all that: My brother is currently having his roof replaced on his house and it's costing him about $8,000! Yikes. I admire him that he's able to pay cash. We're almost in the market for a new roof ourselves and I definitely don't want to go in debt for it or use my hard-earned wealth account. So I need a more aggressive plan. You see, this is how it focus in every direction...

October 2009 Challenge

November 18th, 2009 at 12:47 am

$135 in paycheck allotments

$180 as my automatic transfer on Oct 20.

$250 transfer from excess from Oct budget

$15.28 interest/dividend deposited

Wealth acct/Money mkt balance, $12,530

Balance toward extra mortgage payment Oct 30, $820

Total in account October 30, $13,350