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August Rush

August 31st, 2012 at 02:35 am

I'm SO TIRED. No energy. I haven't been keeping up with the blog like I want. I've been a little lax on the budget control as well. But my goal is to get back to the basics.

Everyday it seems like I'm rushing to work, then rushing somewhere after work, then rushing to get ready for bed, then rushing to start another morning just like the previous to rush everywhere all over again. Oy! Next month I will slooowww it down, at least a little. Cut down on errands. Simplify a few things. Take some time off work. Get the spending back to my normal money (this month I was a spending diva -- on top of car repairs, I bought 2 laptops, an airline ticket, new dresses, arts and crafts supplies -- oy!!)

A friend of ours at church passed away and made me think to be more mindful of gratitude and appreciating each other. (Slow down...) And of course I feel anxious that I still don't have my will in place. I have a will kit but haven't completed it. Procrastination is an ugly thing. Seems like I can do a lot of things, in spite of my lack of energy, but this I'm really resistant about. Think I need a simple will with counsel, though, since I'm not sure about the mortgage. Have to work on my energy and my procrastination.

I'm encouraged, as always, after reading other blogs. My automatic savings plan is still at work, but I don't want to sabatoge what I'm doing. So back on track and steady as she goes. Happy saving, everyone!!