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No Shopping for a Year???

September 29th, 2009 at 12:36 am

I was fascinated by an article I read, about a family that tried a no-shopping experiment for a year, buying only necessary depletable items like food and household items and some toiletries. The whole family was on board to do this.

I didn't get too many details, but I think I do this already, just not to the extreme that they did it. Plus, my family would not be on board at ALL!

Already, I don't go out to eat often. I've been out 4 times this month due to farewells at work and birthday celebrations for close friends. An unusual month--I usually don't go out for months at a time.

I don't have a cell phone, I don't have any fancy electronic equipment at home, I don't buy DVDs or CDs, I don't do any recreational shopping at the mall or at any superstore (it exhausts me), I don't wear a lot of makeup or perfume, I do my own hair, I don't have a computer right now that needs things, so I'm not spending much money on those sorts of things.

But are there other areas where I can test this experiment? I don't buy new clothes a lot like several of my friends, but I do shop at thrift stores for a wardrobe boost. Can I go a year without buying new OR used clothes?

Or can I skip going to the grocery store for a week and just use what's in the pantry?

Or can I do all my errands during the weekdays that I'm driving to and from work and not drive on Saturday at least 2 Saturdays a month? (No-drive days was part of my $20 challenge, but I don't think I've had any no-drive days this year.)

Can I do more baking and make my own snacks and bread?

Has anyone else tried this for a year?

4 Responses to “No Shopping for a Year???”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Nope. I haven't tried it. I've always been interested in the people that can do it. Amazing!

  2. Ima saver Says:

    I am kind of like you. I don't have a cell phone, wear very little make up, do my own hair, have not been to a mall for 10 years and haven't bought a new pair of shoes in 8 years. I have no interest in any electronic gadgets.

  3. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    impossible with kids, pets
    I'd love to do a 'no drive' week, month, and beyond!

  4. miz pat Says:

    Now you have me thinking about this too.

    I have to pay the ex-hubby 35K, and guess what? I don't have 35K. Its scaring me.

    So I'm thinking about what I do buy. I am incapable of doing my hair cut or coloring, although I do stretch a great deal between both. I do buy special shoes for feet problems - about $70 twice a year.

    I love restaurants, but I can also cook myself stuff, and I'm wondering if I can't transform my living room into a pretend restaurant and have a friend over for soup and fresh "artisan" bread or something.

    I don't wear makeup. I do love music, but I can make do with the CD's I have. I can also take them out from the library. I do cruise the net and I have a great deal for cable phone and internet for $105 a month.

    I also am addicted to WOW for $13 a month - I pay ahead 6 months for additional savings. I have a company cell phone that i can use for emergencies. I very rarely buy clothing, and I can and do buy used clothing. I have a digital camera that i like to take to the local zoo. I put the pictures on my computer, so I don't have to pay for printing them out. I have a year's membership at the zoo. I have started to learn knitting, so that's the only really "new" thing i can thing of and I wonder if I can buy things like that at garage sales or thrift stores.

    You know, you're making me feel a bit more encouraged. I could try this. I think for work I need the hair and coloring (the grey from the divorce looks crappy). I already plan for these things in my budget. Maybe I can do this and see how much it will help me to pay off the divorce debt.

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