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Here I Am!!

February 15th, 2011 at 05:20 pm

I realize no one has been looking for me, but I've been inactive for some time. Dealing with my son's mental health adjustments has taken its toll over the year--it's been a year since the 'schizophrenia' break, which has been downgraded by doctors to a psychotic break/nervous breakdown, since he appears to be doing better although still unmotivated and fearful and he's dropped out of college due to failing grades. Dealing with work and the household and everything has NOT gotten any easier--I think I've been depressed, which I'm sure I've mentioned in previous posts. However, the one thing I've been able to do is keep showing up for work and keep working on my finances. (I can't work on the finances if I don't show up for work--lately that has been my only motivation)

Anyway, I'm baaack! I hope to stay involved with the blog, but no promises! I still read other entries that still inspire and motivate, but writing about my progress (or lack) seems to help a great deal also. My level of depression seems mild--just haven't been motivated to do much, but if I keep showing up, keep praying, keep exercising, keep writing, keep working on the budget, I think I'll pull out of it without the use of pills or medical help.

I've updated my sidebar (I know, I'm late!). The comparison of year-end numbers are below.

As of Dec 09 --
Mortgage: $56,127 remaining
No credit card debt(Hallelujah!!)
Retirement: 34,037 IRA (trad'l)
Retirement: 84,972 401K
Wealth acct: $13,325
Freedom acct: $2,898
Christmas acct: $410
House repair acct: $125
Grandkids acct: $402
The Kid (future gift/out-on-his own acct): $923

As of Dec 2010 --
Mortgage: $60,200 remaining (refinanced from 7.5% interest to 3.9% interest)
No credit card debt(Hallelujah!!)
Retirement: $39,346, IRA (trad'l)
Retirement: $100,500, 401K
Wealth acct: $17,992
Freedom acct: $4,515
Christmas acct: $110
House repair acct: $345
Grandkids acct: $403
The Kid (future gift/out-on-his own acct): $521
Education: $10,588 (savings bonds & savings acct)

Still using my nickel and dime plan to build up my wealth account. Plan to continue. My savings allotments are on auto-pilot and it all seems slow going, but it's going. My brother thinks these small goals are useless, but they seem to help me a great deal, especially when I look back over the progress I've made. I can't convince HIM, but I've convinced myself to look at every nickel and dime with a close eye (smile).


3 Responses to “Here I Am!!”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Nice to see you back! I hope you feel like yourself again soon.

  2. CB in the City Says:

    Congratulations on staying out of debt!

  3. Homebody Says:

    We are only as happy as our saddest child. Have you ever heard that saying? I have had to disengage from my children's drama since my diagnosis. I have to take care of myself or I am no good to anybody. Good luck. And I agree looking at every nickel and dime!

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