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The Search for Simplicity: The To-Do List

October 27th, 2009 at 04:55 pm

Just checking in...

I notice that when I'm feeling the need to get motivated or inspired I head to Savingadvice or I flip through a few familiar books that I have. The computer at home is up and running (another wipe and fix, this time by brother-in-law), but it is faster to do internet at the library (dial-up at home is cheap but slow.)

So here I am and already I feel more energized. I usually just run through the recent posts of everyone, like Ima Saver, Tightwad Kitty, BA, mjrube94, Lux Living Frugalis, Whitestripe, Gamecock, etc. There are so many and I love to read practically all of the recent posts. It helps me stay on track.

I'm still striving for ways to simplify my life, but am overwhelmed by my lack of energy. And lack of enthusiasm. I am now inspired to create a daily to-do list of just 5 things. What a wonderful idea. Sure beats the 375 things I've been lugging around in my head like a concrete block. Of course, I have to put it into practice, which is the first thing to put on the to-do list every day, i.e., make daily list of 5. (ha ha)

I won't keep track of it here, because I don't get on the site everyday, but I do have a notebook/planner that I can use. I'm also reading another book on how to get organized. (Can't remember the title exactly: From Chaos to Order, I think).

Anyway, on the financial side of things, I did finally order my will kit, but now need to fill it out and get witnesses (heavy sigh). I increased my 401K contributions by a percentage. I researched dental plans. (They're EXPENSIVE!!) I withdrew $500 for our Christmas shopping (spouse and I, $250 each)--we decided that the full $1,000 wouldn't need to be used for Christmas gifts and have no requests for anything big. My checkbook is balanced to the penny. The church's checkbook is balanced to the penny. It's almost time to tweak the budget for 2010.

Keep blogging everyone! I can pretend that it's ALL done to inspire little ol' me!!

4 Responses to “The Search for Simplicity: The To-Do List”

  1. mjrube94 Says:

    You had me fooled during the first part of your blog. But by the end, sounds like you got quite a bit done. Getting the will kit in the house is the first step, increasing your 401k by 1% is great, and cutting your Christmas budget in half is amazing. If that's "lack of energy", I'd like to see you when you're "on".

  2. LuxLiving Says:

    It's for your eyes only deary! Big Grin
    All these steps we are doing to head into the 'Golden Years' are causing me heavy sighs as well.

    We can do this Sher, I swear we can.

    Do you have a date planned to have that will kit executed by?

    Good golly mz molly - what a great Christmas budget slasher you are! That's awesome.

  3. gamecock43 Says:

    I love to do lists. I have recently started making BB a daily to do list as well.

  4. Jerry Says:

    Ugh... the costs of dental insurance plans are RIDICULOUS, and many of them don't cover much at all. I could see the expense if they would lead to some coverage for more than x-rays and a cleaning, with the occasional filling, but people tend to have other things that need fixing, even if they take good care of their teeth!

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