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Budget Busters

July 13th, 2009 at 04:37 pm

1. Still trying to figure out what to do to replace the home computer. The computer is dead. Dead.

2. Used a rental car to drive out of state to visit my parents. Great ride. I expected the cost to be around $350 to $400. It was $470. Not too bad, but it feels better to project/budget costs then it does to actually PAY costs.

3. The credit union where I have my CD sent a notice that they will no longer pay the 'tier' interest (an additional .01 or .02 depending on the daily balance). It's not a lot, but it was something.

4. The kid lost his scholarship (Spring 2009) due to his GPA falling below (way below) 2.50. Which meant we OWED the school $5,000 before we're able to register for Fall 2009. What!??? I cannot begin to TELL you how disappointed I am with the kid. We had a long LOOONG talk. He seems repentant and apologetic and willing to 'correct the error of his ways' next semester. But there's just one shot to do so (next semester) since money is a lot tighter without the scholarship. I want him to get through college with little or no debt and a decent transcript, but not if I'm the only one doing the work. Of course, I'm trying to avoid having the kid laying around playing Play Station all day, too, so I'd rather see him at college. But I can't do the work for him...he has to do the work. His success depends solely on him. (I must have said this to him about 20 times. It bears repeating.)

Other than all that, all is well.

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