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Groceries and Household Spending Thru May 09

June 16th, 2009 at 05:16 pm

2009 Planned spending for Groceries and
Household Supplies/Toiletries: $3,600

Spending through May 09: $1,675.84

Percentage spent: 46.55% of total Grocery/Household budget

(Confessions: (1) Trying to continue to use coupons, but I've been unorganized lately. (2) Still stockpiling sale items, but I'm worried that it's throwing my budget out of whack, that I might be overdoing it. (3) The kid is eating a lot over the summer. I'm buying more namebrand foods so the storebrands don't get wasted. (4) I'm trying to remain diligent about tracking my spending, though I think I might have missed/misplaced a couple of receipts--no more than $10 or $20, I hope!)

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