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June 11th, 2009 at 04:48 pm

I'm grateful to have a job. I'm grateful to have a job. I'm grateful to have a job...

My focus has to be on gratitude because my job is re-organizing again (this makes our 6th major re-organization in 10 years) and I'm just a little weary of starting from ground zero every few years with these re-organizations within the same office. (There are over 300 employees...kind of a big "office".) But I'm grateful to have a job. I'm grateful to have a job. I'm GRATEFUL to have a job.

The other news in the re-organization is that I may be moved to a new department within the organization. It's not definite, but it's possible, and it's possible that it will come with a small pay raise. That's good news (especially when I look at my saving goals), but I'm nervous about it. No jobs are being cut, but there'll be a lot of moving around and a lot of workload shifting, which creates an incredible backlog of work in transition and more overtime. (I know, because we've done this many times before.) But let me say it again... I'm grateful for my job. I'm so incredibly grateful for my job. I'll keep you posted.

1 Responses to “Work!”

  1. shiela Says:

    I hope you get the pay raise.

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