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April '09 Challenge

April 30th, 2009 at 04:33 pm

Getting a little concerned about upcoming expenses now that summer's almost here. The kid will be home for summer and hasn't been job hunting yet. I've stockpiled on groceries but am concerned about the increase in utility usage, arguments about the car, upcoming school costs. Also, we have major dental work coming up. Yikes. I'll keep thinking good thoughts... I've tried to prepare but feel like I might be a little short since I don't want to withdraw anything from the "challenge account"...

Anyway... April's Update...

My $20 PLUS challenge to my money market/wealth account included
(1) $48.25 deposit in 'leftover' five-dollar bills, one-dollar bills, quarters, and dimes, from budget envelopes over the two paychecks
(2) $40 not spent (one day the hotel parking attendant waved us out of the parking garage without requesting our payment and on another day a coworker brought me lunch. I also cancelled a doctor's appointment that wasn't needed until December)
(3) $50 transfer from tax refund (still stretching that tax refund)
(4) $100 gift from my parents after their visit
(5) $250 transfer from paycheck due to surplus in April's budget (partly from cancelling IRA auto withdrawal)
(6) My automatic transfer of $180 was deposited on Apr 20.
(7) A new paycheck allotment of $50 per paycheck was deposited (I changed my tax exemptions/withhold--I was paying too much in taxes through the year)
(8) April interest added was $9.39 (part of this account is a 6-month Certificate of Deposit) and $8.12. Total interest added $17.51

Wealth acct/Money mkt balance, $9,089.76

Savings toward extra mortgage payment Apr 27, $320

Total in account Apr 27, $9,409.76

Hope to keep this up and not get derailed by upcoming expenses. FOCUS!!

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