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March Challenge '09

April 7th, 2009 at 04:10 pm

Christmas account new balance Mar 25, $1004. (After regular savings allotment and income tax refund money.) Goooaaalll!

Money Market/wealth account:
My $20 challenge to my money market netted a $31.75 deposit in 'leftover' dollar bills, quarters, and a cancelled lunch date.

My automatic transfer of $180 was deposited on Mar 20.

March interest added was $8.45 (part of this account is a 6-month Certificate of Deposit) and $6.66, total interest added $15.11

I deposited $500 from my tax refund.

Wealth acct/Money mkt balance, $8,443.90

Savings toward extra mortgage payment Mar 25, $240

Total in account Mar 25, $8,683.90

The challenge is to get this account to $15,000 or better by Dec 15, 2009. Now that the Christmas account and checking account cushion are fully funded, maybe I'll get more focused (FOCUS!!) on automatic deposits, drive-by deposits, allotments, transfers, quarters, pennies, etc.

1 Responses to “March Challenge '09”

  1. Apprentice Bliss Hunter Says:

    I love this blog !!

    Your dreams resonate with mine...

    I also have a current account cushion that I'm using as a mini-EF. The plan is to build a sufficient standalone EF by end of 2011. I'll still keep the cushion tho as my new bank pays very good interest !!

    Well done on your funding your Xmas account by the start of April !!

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