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Carpet Cleaning, Cleaner Air and Thoughts...

March 26th, 2009 at 05:00 pm

about home ownership and responsibility...

We got our carpets cleaned and our air ducts cleaned this week. Cleaner carpets make the house look nice. (The kid being AWAY at college makes the house look nice, too. He was home for spring break last week and oh my goodness! clothes everywhere, food wrappers and fast food bags everywhere, and we were constantly stepping over size 13 shoes in the middle of the floor!)

The cost of carpet cleaning combined with the vent cleaning was about $695, but we were prepared with cash in the checking account thanks to savings and our tax refund...carpet cleaning about $190 and vent cleaning about $505.

Now, if I'd just wash the windows and paint the trim work... the house will be really 'sparkly'. (heavy sigh... more things to add to the to-do list...)

I usually get this knot in my stomach when we're calling around for service companies or repair work for the house. Unless you're a skilled do-it-yourself-er, you never know if you can trust what a service person is telling you about your house. We were REALLY fortunate this time--this crew came in and did a great job. But in the past, we've felt like we've been ripped off by other home repair and maintenance crews, so we're cautious. It's such a task.

(Hardwood flooring crossed my mind, but that's another entry and a different dollar figure for a different day...)

The thing about home ownership is home responsiblity. The to-do list is long and the cost of things is ridiculous and you're dependent on a huge list of repair and maintenance people who know more than you know about your house until you take the time to learn what they know. Either way it's going to cost time and money.

Apartment living might create neighbor issues and a lack of equity and a lack of stability, but I'm remembering how apartment living simplified my to-do list and my budget enormously. I've talked with my friends and relatives about home ownership vs renting, and I seem to be the ONLY one who thinks apartment living has advantages. Is this some sort of snobbery on their part? Or am I just a whiner and complainer no matter where I am?...

We're here at our home and blessed and chugging along with our mile-long to-do list and our budget. I'll just pipe down and be quiet...besides, the carpet is looking really nice.

4 Responses to “Carpet Cleaning, Cleaner Air and Thoughts...”

  1. L Saver Says:

    I think you're right -- there are definite advantages to apartment living. For example, on Tuesday night our sink separated from the countertop, and water leaked everyone. I was happy to call the management office and have them deal with it! On the other hand, that doesn't stop me from really wanting a home of my own!

  2. Ima saver Says:

    I have never heard of vent cleaning. what do they do??

  3. dividing the dime Says:

    Thanks for the comments. I'm glad to know that I'm not alone in my thinking about apartment living.
    Ima Saver: Vent cleaning is actually 'air duct cleaning'. I called them vents but the service order receipt said 'air duct cleaning'...

  4. phoenix carpet cleaning Says:

    There are many methods of carpet cleaning to choose from. The method that is right for depends on the traffic your carpet endures and spills and spots children or pets leave. You must consider people's and pet's allergies as well as the time it will put your carpeted area out of commission for the cleaning process.

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