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October 16th, 2008 at 04:32 pm

I just hit a work anniversary and realized this: I am tired of working!

I've been working full-time for 22 years (with a one year break in my late 20s due to a relocation move with my first husband). I'm TIRED!

But every morning I drag my tired butt out of bed, wash my face, brush my teeth and show up, because payday is around the corner and the only way I can see that I'll become financially free or wealthy (dare I dream?) is to focus on doing everything I can to honor the money I make and to save as much of my paycheck as possible.

Nine years, 11 months and 13 days until retirement.

My current job is not a job I love (nor have any of the previous jobs been jobs I've loved), but I currently work with people I both admire and enjoy working with, so I let that thought comfort me in the midst of my day-in-day-out routine.

My dream, however, is to wake up and stretch (with a joyful smile on my face of course), THEN decide if I want to write a novel or make pancakes that day. Or decide if I want to tend a garden or go to the library. Or decide if I want to tutor school kids in math or learn a new instrument.

Not only that, I also want to be able to donate money (and time) to any number of causes out there that have tugged at my heart in the past several years, either locally, nationally or internationally.

In my twenties I had no idea that I'd be working this long. I guess I thought I'd marry some rich guy and live happily ever after??? It started to dawn on me in my thirties that the rich guys weren't looking for me (though there were plenty of poor guys who loved me madly) and here I am in my forties still at it.

One day, one day... A girl can dream, can't she?

2 Responses to “DREAM”

  1. ME2 Says:

    I have been working for 21+ years STRAIGHT and I can't/won't retire for 25+ years.

  2. fern Says:

    Unlike you, i've enjoyed and learned from all the jobs i've had. I've been working, let's see, 28 years..but like you, i dream of being financially free to retire and i have about the same timetable as you. 11 more years to go, and then it's part-time work.

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